to return

to campus

Fall 2020


Francis Parker School is actively planning for a return to on-campus learning for students this fall.

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Parker's Roadmap to Return to Campus Plan.

physical campus

Four Learning Models


parker hybrid

parker online

parker BLENDED

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From the start, our commitment has been to ensure the health and safety of all while offering the best educational experience possible. In order to successfully achieve this goal and open and operate both campuses, all Parker students and their families alike will be required to adhere to all health and safety mandates from the health and safety authorities (e.g., Center for Disease Control, San Diego County Health and Human Services, the World Health Organization, etc.).


For example, in order to comply with prescribed social distancing guidelines, we will likely need to limit the number of students in every space, use outside or non-classroom spaces to hold classes, stagger start times by grade or by division, split or amend schedules with some degree of live streaming, and our bus schedules will likely need to be modified and routing changed in order to allow students to be spaced appropriately. Alternative delivery mechanisms will likely be required for our student performances, athletic competitions, assemblies, or community gatherings.


Also, in order to ensure the safest possible for our community, we have implemented health and safety protocols such as wearing masks, frequent hand-washing, and constant social distancing that will be enforced, and members of our community and visitors to our campus will comply with all local San Diego Health Officer Orders related to COVID-19 including quarantine guidelines and travel restrictions. We will also ask students and families to self-screen each day using the emocha Mobile Health application.


return to campus task force

A planning committee comprised of Parker administration, faculty, staff, trustees, parents, and trusted community partners has been formed to lead the effort to safely return to campus.


The Committee, co-chaired by Head of Middle School Dan Lang and Interim Head of Lower School Heather Gray, includes representatives from around the school, leading teams focused on five major subject areas of the return to campus planning. 




The Committee is charged with researching, developing, and ultimately making recommendations around protocols, procedures, policies, and priorities related to returning to on-campus learning in the fall. The recommendations, driven by the Committee’s guiding principles, aim to create an operating protocol that prioritizes the health and safety of School faculty, staff, and students and includes built-in flexibility to provide a consistent Parker student experience all while being able to adapt to circumstances that may present themselves within the Parker community or at the local, regional, and state level. The final decision-making of all aspects of Parker’s return to campus rests in the hands of Parker’s Leadership Team along with the Board of Trustees.



  1. Plan and act with fidelity to Parker’s Mission, Core Values, and Vision for Parker Graduates.

  2. Prioritize student, faculty, and staff health, safety, and wellbeing over other principles.

  3. Maintain continuity of learning through three primary instructional models: Parker, Parker Hybrid, and Parker Online learning, with a preference for Parker learning over remote learning whenever it is safe to do so. 

  4. Ensure that faculty and staff are prepared to move nimbly between each instructional model as the health and safety conditions allow.

  5. Ensure access and equity for all students.

  6. Ensure hygiene- and health-related policies are research-based, clearly communicated, effectively implemented, and diligently enforced.

  7. Communicate weekly with both internal and external constituencies.

  8. Steward the resources of the school to effectively reach our health, safety, and learning goals within our fiscal restraints.

committee workgroups

  • Communications

  • Health and Safety

  • Social and Emotional Support Systems

  • Operations

  • Educational Program

  • Athletics


Roadmap to Return to Campus Task Force

Dan Lang, Head of Middle School (Co-Chair)

Heather Gray, Interim Head of Lower School (Co-Chair)

Erika Assadi, Director of Summer Programs

Laurie Brae, Lower School Librarian

Mike Cain, Director of Risk and Asset Management

Christi Cole, Associate Head of Middle School

Carrie Dilmore, Interim Head of Upper School

Lori Foote, Director of Communications

Denver Guess, US Faculty

Monique Muther, Clinical Counselor

Mary Ong-Dean, MS/US Faculty

Kerry Parish-Philp, Lower School Faculty

Kelly Tedrow, Associate Director of Middle School Admissions

Anthony Thomas, Director of Athletics

Katharine Wardle, Head of Finance and Operations

Maggie West, School Nurse

Kevin Yaley, Head of School

advisory board

Dr. Jeannette Aldous – Clinical Director of Infectious Disease, San Ysidro Health Center 

Dr. Bridgett Besinger – Clinical Psychologist
Mike Cain, Director of Risk and Asset Management

Dr. Shakha Gillin – Coast Pediatrics

Dr. Dena Rifkin – Associate Professor, University of California San Diego

Dr. Sandeep Soni – Chief of Infection Control, Palomar Health

Traci Stuart – Asst. Chief Strategy/Marketing Officer, Rady Children's Hospital 

Dr. Howard Taras – UCSD Community Health
Dr. Jennifer Tuteur – Deputy Chief Medical Officer, County of San Diego

Maggie West – Francis Parker School Nurse