Educational program Update: 7/10/20

We are in the final stages of developing our schedules, classroom configuration, and technology set-up that will support a safe learning environment whether on campus or, if by choice, at home. We invite you to join us for Parker Hybrid: A Deep-Dive into the Parker Hybrid Daily Schedule on Wednesday, July 22 where we will broadcast live from within classrooms to share further details with you. Click here to register.

The Educational Program workgroup continues to model the logistics necessary for faculty, staff, and students to return to Campus. In addition to creating a classroom environment that will maintain the School’s Health & Safety plan, the workgroup also continues to evaluate procedures, including drop-off and pick-up, lunch, and overall student-flow from location-to-location during the school day.

The Educational Program Workgroup continues to model both the logistics of faculty, staff, and students returning to campus and the specifics of creating a classroom environment that keeps everyone safe and learning whether on campus, or, if by choice, at home.

Final drafts of daily schedules for both the Mission Hills and Linda Vista campuses are complete and ready for approval by the Parker Leadership Team. Once approved these will be shared through our communications team and we are currently planning for a walk through of the daily schedule during the July 22 Town Hall.

Similarly, a final draft of classroom set ups, software choices, and technology equipment choices is in the final approval process as well. Along with the daily schedule update, we also plan to review the tools of the classroom during the July 22 Town Hall meeting.

As these larger structural items complete approval, the workgroup continues to work through the granular detail items such as: drop off and pick up, lunch, and student flow from location to location during the course of a school day.


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