Educational program Update: 7/24/20

As we shared last week, the impact of Governor Newsom’s announcement on the start of the academic year is yet to be determined. Due to this uncertainty, we are continuing to prepare for both in-person, on-campus instruction (with the option for remote live stream) and a highly-improved Parker Online. Since our school year starts on September 8, the status of San Diego COVID-19 cases during the week of August 24 will be the data that determines our opening model.

Based on new guidance from the CDC and California Department of Health, and in consultation with the Return to Campus advisory board, the School has developed Parker Blended, a fourth learning model that introduces additional mitigation strategies to further minimize risk. In this model, Middle School and Upper School students alternate days using the Linda Vista Campus which allows each division to have smaller, cohort classes through the use of all available classrooms during their on-campus day. Students in the division that is not on campus would receive instruction online. The Lower School is able to cohort their students using their current facilities which allow students to be on campus five days a week.

At the Lower School, JK classrooms will be self-contained to maintain the 1:10 ratio set by Childcare Licensing. All SK through Grade 5 classrooms will be divided into A and B cohorts with 10-12 students in each. A student in Group A will start in the homeroom for their core academics in the morning while Group B is in a partner classroom with Special Subject Teachers rotating through. After lunch, Group B will go to the homeroom for core academics and Group A will go to the partner room for their Special Subject classes.

Middle and Upper School schedules will alternate between in-person and online classes based on each division’s designated days on campus. The School is currently evaluating which courses will be offered in each format and will take into consideration many factors, including those courses that require hands-on learning. In addition to content areas, the schedule will include advisory and office hours.

Finally, please note that these new guidelines have delayed student scheduling. While scheduling was practically complete, we will now reschedule students into the new model Parker Blended model.


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